Friday, June 8, 2018

Episode 3: He's Having A Baby

Scrapper awakes in the book cage and has a hard time believing the gang when they try to explain that he is a werecat. It didn't help that Oliver explained it as vague as possible. Miss Winterborne explains about the moon cycle and how he will have to be locked up on those nights. He leaves to go class and Winterborne tells Rose to make sure he is back by dark.

Rose and Oliver find Bettie and Veronika still acting very Stepford wives in gym. In study hall, Coach Andrew flirts with both Rose and Scrapper. The rest of the school day was uneventful, except that Scapper hooked up with the coach and started acting all Stepford as well. Rose discovered this when she followed him after school to make sure that he got back to the cage before dark.While Rose was walking around her aunt Lily told her that she had a date with the coach.  Rose goes back to the Dungeon (as they have started referring to the training room) to tell Miss Winterborne and Oliver what was going on.

Miss Winterborne sends Rose right back out to retrieve Scrapper, because it was going to be nightfall soon. Rose goes to Veronika's house, which is where Scrapper went. She throws him over her shoulder and takes him back to school. Bettie and Veronika follow her. Rose gets him into the cage right before he changes. He acts very docile for a werecat. Rose realizes she must go save her aunt. She knows that they are at the coach's house. Miss Winterborne goes upstairs to get the address but doesn't come back.

Rose finds her watcher unconscious when she looks for her. She is then attacked by Bettie and Veronika who are swinging golf clubs at her. Rose throws a desk at the pair and knocks them out. Rose handcuffs them to a door (she got the handcuffs from Miss Winterborne to use on Scrapper early but never used them). She takes Miss Winterborne downstairs and tells Oliver what happened. She finds the coach's address scribbled on a piece of paper and goes after her aunt.

When Rose gets to the coach's house, she kicks the door in. She's too late. The coach has Lily in his power as well. Rose and the coach talk for a bit, and he tells Lily to go with Rose. Rose returns with Lily to the Dungeon and ties her up. They work through the night to research the problem, but Miss Winterborne doesn't get very far because of her head injuries.

The next morning, Scrapper reverts back to his human form and everyone notices that he has developed a baby bump. They check the others and they all have baby bumps too. Miss Winterborne realizes that they are dealing with the Multiplier, who is a breeder demon. He sucks the souls of his victims out and impregnates them with his own essence. All of the demon babies would be a part of the Multiplier.

Oliver discovers a spell that will restore the souls of the victims so that it would be safe to slay the demon. Unfortunately, before he can cast the spell, the demon shows up. The Multiplier frees Bettie and Veronika and they go after the gang. The Slayer tries to distract them with banter, but that doesn't work very well. Rose combats the demon, who assumes his horny purple form, while Oliver deals with Bettie, Veronika, and Lily. After Rose kicks the demon in the groin, Bettie and Veronika go to help their baby daddy. This leaves Oliver with just Lily who is choking him with her bonds. Oliver breaks free and manages to cast the spell to return Scrapper's soul. As soon as he gets his soul back his baby bump disappears. He puts Lily in the cage and goes to fight the demon, naked. Rose takes on Bettie and Veronika. Oliver casts the spell that frees the others and Rose slays the Multiplier with an axe.

The three women are all freaked out and Oliver cast a spell to put them to sleep. They return them to their homes. Rose puts Bettie and Veronika in the same bed and takes pictures. Rose also has to get rid of the coach's body who reverted to his human form. She dumps him in the swamp.

The next day, the three women act like they don't remember anything. Scrapper has got in school suspension and cannot play football for a week. His drunk mother also grounds him (He missed a bunch of school and hasn't been home in four nights). Everything seems to be settling back to normal. Oliver notices a trio of goth girls who seem to be new to the school.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Episode 2: I Think I Saw a Putty Tat

Rose took Oliver to the hospital and then went to tell Miss Winterborne what happened, They go back to the Copper, fully loaded with weapons. Miss Winterborne realizes it would be best if she waited outside. Rose questioned the bartender, Guido, and found out that Children of the Night plays the bar every Wednesday. She searches the managers office and finds nothing except for nudie pics.

Meanwhile, Scrapper woke up in some kind of basement room and found himself hanging upside down in chains... in his boxers. The room was filled with vampires and they go get Mal, the lead singer of Children of the Night, when they noticed that Scrapper was awake. Mal entered the room, followed by her brother, Nail. Mal questions Scrapper about the Slayer. He claimed that he is the Slayer. Mal laughed at him and informed Scrapper that only women can be a slayer. Scrapper found that to be sexist bullshit. Nail punched him in the stomach and said that he was a waste of time. They leave him with the other vamps guarding him.

Rose and Miss Winterborne visit Oliver in the hospital.Oliver had awakened and started to heal himself. It was almost morning so the Watcher advised everyone to get some rest. The Slayer went home and the Manwitch decided to put his ensemble together.

The next morning, they go to school. Nothing eventful happened until homeroom when Coach Andrew called Oliver a fag. The fledgling witch tried to set a trash can on fire with his magic, but missed and set a table on fire instead. The coach evacuated the room. After the fire was extinguished, everyone came back inside for lunch. Oliver decided to go to Miss Winterborne to try a spell. Rose noticed that Bettie and Veronika were acting strange, like Stepford Strange. She followed them a bit and got creeped out when they smiled at her.

Oliver tried to scry for Scrapper using his Hulk stake, that they had found at the Copper. The spell didn't work as intended and went flying into the wall. Rose investigated the boiler room on the other side in case the spell worked and found nothing but some student smoking. Everyone then went home to rest and try to figure out another way to find their friend, er... acquaintance.

Oliver decided to cast the scrying spell again. This time, he was more effective. He called the Slayer and they had the Watcher meet them on 34th street. There was just businesses around and did not know where to look. Then Rose spotted Cherub. After a brief conversation, Cherub told Rose that the recording studio behind him was the place she was looking for. They entered the building where they encounter a very pleasant receptionist.The blonde woman wearing a scarf , thought they were vampires after Rose threw her desk to prevent her from sounding an alarm. She even removed her scarf to offer them a bit. She had multiple bite marks on her neck. She then remembered the sun was up and started screaming. Rose knocked her out.

They worked their way through the recording studio and found a locked door. Rose broke the door open and it led to a winding stairway going down. After descending farther than expected, they found a hall with  a door on each end of it. They picked the left door and Rose kicked it in. It opened to a very posh apartment where the gang found Mal and Nail. Rose and Miss Winterborne engage in combat with them. Oliver staid back and guarded their rear. Rose managed to severely wound Mal and Nail offered them a deal. He told them to go get their friend in the other room and leave. Rose stayed with Nail while Miss Winterborne and Oliver check out the other room. They find Scrapper, but also the four other vampires. The Watcher called for Rose and the Slayer joined them to fight the vamps, leaving Nail and Mal to escape. They slay all four vampires and free Scrapper. Scrapper is upset because on of the vamps was wearing his letter jacket when he was dusted.

They decide not to go after the sibling vampires and leave. As they are about to go outside, they notice the sun go down. Scrapper doubled over in pain. He transformed before them into a werecat. Rose and Oliver and managed to subdue him with a combination of slayer strength and telekinesis. They take him back to their training room and look him in the book cage. Oliver cast a spell to make the cage unbreakable. The Watcher sends Rose home to rest. On the way home, she encountered Cherub, who walked her home at Rose's request. They chatted a little and Cherub kissed her hand when he left.

The next morning, Scrapper woke up in his makeshift cage. He was freaked out to say the least. Oliver and Miss Winterborne, after a few cracks, begin to tell him what happened.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Episode 1: If Slaying Vampires is Sarong I Don't Want to be Right

Rose Starling is the Slayer. She is the one girl in the world with the strength and skill to stop the vampires and other forces of darkness. She lost her parents in mysterious circumstances before she became the Slayer. Rose began training with a rather creepy Watcher and that arrangement didn't work out. The Watcher's Council sent Rose to live with her aunt, Lily. Rose continued with her slayer duties after she arrived in Sunrise City.

Rose went to the local nightspot the Copper. She knew that kind of place was a likely hunting ground of vamps. There she saved Scrapper, a local football, player from a vampire. During the course of the encounter with the vampire, Rose's identity was compromised to not only Scrapper, but another onlooker, named Oliver. Rose was surprised that Oliver seemed to know about vampires. Scrapper had no idea what was going on but wanted to learn.

All three teens attend Sunrise High and are sophomores. Rose alienates the popular girls during a game of volleyball by spiking the ball too hard and busting up Veronika's face. Bettie and Veronika had been making fun of Oliver's clothes, because he wore a skirt to school. Meanwhile, Scrapper secretly lusted after Brock, another football player.

Rose unexpectedly met her new Watcher, Miss Winterborne, who is her English teacher. There is a secret door in her room that led to a basement area where the Watcher keeps her library of books on the supernatural. Also, Miss Winterborne had her arsenal down in the basement. She told the Slayer to patrol that night and also to keep an eye on Oliver, as she was suspicious of his origins and motives. Rose followed Oliver until he seemed to go home for the night. He had a mysterious clubhouse with no windows and she heard chanting.

That night, Rose and Scrapper run into each other in one of the local cemeteries. Scrapper had made himself a large stake and decided he would try hunting vampires. He called his stake the Hulk, because he had heard Rose refer to hers as Captain America. They encounter a couple of vampires and each dispatch one. Rose is impressed with Scrapper after that.

Meanwhile, Oliver had gone to another cemetery hoping to find Rose. He saw Coach Andrews having sex with Bettie. Oliver is grossed out, so he leaves. He is met by a female vampire who savagely beat him. He uses magic to set her on fire and makes a run for it. He runs into Rose and Scrapper and tells them what happened, but leaves out the magic part. Rose is suspicious.

Rose became even more suspicious when Oliver showed up to school the next day, completely healed of his wounds. He also showed up to school in a sarong. Miss Winterborne stole a piece of his hair so she could run some tests. At lunch, the gang had an altercation with Brock, because he was upset that Scrapper is hanging out with the freaks and geeks. He threatens Oliver. Rose stood up to him and broke his hand when he tried to hit her. Brock is suspended because the principal did not believe that Rose could break his hand. After school, Miss Winterborne revealed to Rose that the tests she ran proved that Oliver is a manwitch. Rose is highly skeptical about magic. Miss Winterborne then taught her to use a crossbow.

The gang patrolled the cemeteries that night. The only thing they encounter that night is Coach Andrews having his way with Veronika. Oliver ended up admitting that he knew some magic. The three go home and try to get some rest. Scrapper had a headache, something that was happening to him a lot lately.

The next night the gang went to the Copper. A band called Children of the Night was playing. Oliver recognized the vampire chick who attacked him as the lead singer. Meanwhile, Rose was flirting with Coach Andrews for drinks. When he started to get too flirty, she acted like she passed out. He tried carrying her to his truck, but she got away from him while outside. Rose returned to the Copper, where the lead singer and Oliver had made eye contact. Oliver decided to use himself as bait and lured the vamp outside. Unfortunately, she brought some friends. Rose and Scrapper rushed to help but were slowed down by a barred door. Rose kicked her way through the door and joined in the fray. Oliver used his telekinesis to protect himself but was overwhelmed by a vamp who started to drag him off. After dusting one vampire, Rose chased after him and rescued him. Unfortunately, this left Scrapper fighting the lead singer and one of her minions by himself. The singer knocked him out and by the time Rose returned they were gone. Rose reported to her Watcher and took Oliver to the hospital.

The Characters

Rose Starling- the new Slayer. She is learning the ropes and making friends in her new home of Sunrise City.
Oliver Magnus-the Slayer's new best friend. Oliver is an asexual manwitch. He's very fashionable which sometimes draws all the wrong attention.
Scottie "Scrapper" Poofton- the Slayer's new frenemy.  Scottie is a football player at Sunrise High. He seems to be keeping a lot of secrets, including the fact that he is a gay werecat.
Velda Winterborne- the Watcher. Miss Winterborne is the sophomore English teacher at Sunrise High. She trains Rose to be a slayer.
Cherub- a mysterious hunk who always shows up to give Rose a cryptic warning or give her a bit of direction.
Mal- Mal is the lead singer of Children of the Night. She's also, you guessed it, a vampire. She will prove to be a regular thorn in the sides of the Slayer and her pals.
Nail- Mal's brother, also a vamp, also drop dead gorgeous. He is very protective of his sister.
Bettie and Veronika- Sunrise High's mean girls.
Lily Starling- Rose's aunt who has become her guardian.
Jason Magnus- Oliver's brother and guardian. Jason is a stripper and hustler to make ends meet.
Coach Andrews- the gang's homeroom teacher who has an eye for the young ladies at Sunrise High.
Butch and Sundance- minions of Mal and Nail. Dusted by Rose.
Brock- Scrapper's crush and football teammate. He's dumb, but pretty.