Friday, June 8, 2018

Episode 3: He's Having A Baby

Scrapper awakes in the book cage and has a hard time believing the gang when they try to explain that he is a werecat. It didn't help that Oliver explained it as vague as possible. Miss Winterborne explains about the moon cycle and how he will have to be locked up on those nights. He leaves to go class and Winterborne tells Rose to make sure he is back by dark.

Rose and Oliver find Bettie and Veronika still acting very Stepford wives in gym. In study hall, Coach Andrew flirts with both Rose and Scrapper. The rest of the school day was uneventful, except that Scapper hooked up with the coach and started acting all Stepford as well. Rose discovered this when she followed him after school to make sure that he got back to the cage before dark.While Rose was walking around her aunt Lily told her that she had a date with the coach.  Rose goes back to the Dungeon (as they have started referring to the training room) to tell Miss Winterborne and Oliver what was going on.

Miss Winterborne sends Rose right back out to retrieve Scrapper, because it was going to be nightfall soon. Rose goes to Veronika's house, which is where Scrapper went. She throws him over her shoulder and takes him back to school. Bettie and Veronika follow her. Rose gets him into the cage right before he changes. He acts very docile for a werecat. Rose realizes she must go save her aunt. She knows that they are at the coach's house. Miss Winterborne goes upstairs to get the address but doesn't come back.

Rose finds her watcher unconscious when she looks for her. She is then attacked by Bettie and Veronika who are swinging golf clubs at her. Rose throws a desk at the pair and knocks them out. Rose handcuffs them to a door (she got the handcuffs from Miss Winterborne to use on Scrapper early but never used them). She takes Miss Winterborne downstairs and tells Oliver what happened. She finds the coach's address scribbled on a piece of paper and goes after her aunt.

When Rose gets to the coach's house, she kicks the door in. She's too late. The coach has Lily in his power as well. Rose and the coach talk for a bit, and he tells Lily to go with Rose. Rose returns with Lily to the Dungeon and ties her up. They work through the night to research the problem, but Miss Winterborne doesn't get very far because of her head injuries.

The next morning, Scrapper reverts back to his human form and everyone notices that he has developed a baby bump. They check the others and they all have baby bumps too. Miss Winterborne realizes that they are dealing with the Multiplier, who is a breeder demon. He sucks the souls of his victims out and impregnates them with his own essence. All of the demon babies would be a part of the Multiplier.

Oliver discovers a spell that will restore the souls of the victims so that it would be safe to slay the demon. Unfortunately, before he can cast the spell, the demon shows up. The Multiplier frees Bettie and Veronika and they go after the gang. The Slayer tries to distract them with banter, but that doesn't work very well. Rose combats the demon, who assumes his horny purple form, while Oliver deals with Bettie, Veronika, and Lily. After Rose kicks the demon in the groin, Bettie and Veronika go to help their baby daddy. This leaves Oliver with just Lily who is choking him with her bonds. Oliver breaks free and manages to cast the spell to return Scrapper's soul. As soon as he gets his soul back his baby bump disappears. He puts Lily in the cage and goes to fight the demon, naked. Rose takes on Bettie and Veronika. Oliver casts the spell that frees the others and Rose slays the Multiplier with an axe.

The three women are all freaked out and Oliver cast a spell to put them to sleep. They return them to their homes. Rose puts Bettie and Veronika in the same bed and takes pictures. Rose also has to get rid of the coach's body who reverted to his human form. She dumps him in the swamp.

The next day, the three women act like they don't remember anything. Scrapper has got in school suspension and cannot play football for a week. His drunk mother also grounds him (He missed a bunch of school and hasn't been home in four nights). Everything seems to be settling back to normal. Oliver notices a trio of goth girls who seem to be new to the school.

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